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New motor range

Breitenbach Hydraulik-Automation now has its own motor production operation delivering quality ‘Made in Germany’.

The swash plate design axial piston units are designed for hydraulic drive units in open or closed circuits.

Our motor design is characterised by careful selection of materials, bearings and seals, all occupying the most compact space possible.

We give ourselves a competitive advantage by combining high performance with compact dimensions and low weight. The internal control system allows for reverse operation and very high rpm thanks to the rotational symmetry of the internal parts. Using a total of nine pistons ensures minimal pulsation even at low rpm, meaning the motors run extremely quietly.

Geared to your special requirements, we offer the exact motor performance and compact dimensions you need:

Worldwide uses of Breitenbach Hydraulik axial piston units:

  • Machine tools
    (forward feed and spindle drive)
  • Building machinery/forklift trucks
    (drive systems, steering, fan drives and brakes)
  • Shipbuilding
    (helms, sail trimming, windlasses)
  • Agriculture and forestry
    (winches, conveyor systems, rapeseed separators)
  • Mining
    (rock drilling machines and screw conveyors)
  • Sawmills
    (wood drilling spindles, saws, blowers)
  • Cranes and conveyors
    (drum drives, sweeping rollers, vacuum cleaners)
  • Printing presses
    (platen roller cleaning)
  • Shuttle drives
  • and so on …