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The hydraulics and automation specialist

Breitenbach Hydraulik-Automation manufactures every appliance according to your requirements, and can also mass-produce appliances. Even after many years in operation, a duplicate of the original appliance can be manufactured, as we keep all plans and details on record.

Breitenbach Hydraulik-Automation has over 30 years of experience in planning, construction and installation, and has to date produced over 2,000 installations, always to the satisfaction of our customers.

Quality work, ‘Made in Germany’

The installations and appliances are all produced in Germany. Continual quality control is of paramount importance.

In line with your requirements, the components for your installation are optimally matched with each other prior to manufacture.

A complete programme ready for you

Consulting, planning, service team, our own hydraulic motors, sales, replacement parts, accessories, fluid service, storage service, large stock of replacement parts from reputable manufacturers, water hydraulics and pneumatic tools from stop valves and appliances to cylinders.

Appliance production at Breitenbach Hydraulik-Automation is quality work or our names not Breitenbach!

Der Spezialist für Hydraulik und Automation.