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Breitenbach Hydraulik-Automation mass-produces your appliances with no drop-off in quality.

Geared to your special requirements, we plan, produce and install precisely the appliances you need, on-site:

  • Drive power up to 90 kW
  • Pressure up to 700 bar
  • Static or mobile
  • Appliances with completely electrical control systems
  • Appliances with electrical output strips
  • Pure’ appliances
  • Free choice of models and makes
  • Media: ‘classic’ HLP hydraulic oil, HFC water glycol and clear water
  • Over 2,000 finished appliances in approx. 1,800 versions to date
  • Over 30 years’ experience in installation construction, assembly and commissioning

Worldwide uses of Breitenbach Hydraulik appliances:

  • Industrial hydraulics
  • Abattoirs
  • Candle factories
  • Forestry and agricultural machinery
  • Building machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Punching machines
  • Presses
  • Plastic injection moulding machines
  • Ship hydraulics
  • The chemical industry
  • and so on …