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Hydraulic accumulators

A hydraulic tank (also hydraulic accumulator or accumulator tank) is used to store a pressurised liquid. During discharge, hydraulic energy may be released.

The liquid pressure compresses a gas or a spring. In case of volume removal the compressed gas expands or the spring is released which reduces the pressure.

We would be happy to customize any make such as Bolenz & Schäfer, Bosch Rexroth, EPE (Eppensteiner), Freudenberg, HAWE, Hydac, HST Hydrospeichertechnik, Integral Accumulator, Olaer, Orsta, Parker, Hydro Leduc and to supply you with a suitable pressure tank, even at short notice.

We also deal with all tasks relating to pressure tank or hydraulic tank service: 
Our "competent persons" according to the Pressure Equipment Directive are capable of providing you with best possible technical support in all pressure tank matters.

We offer the following services:

  • Determination, cataloguing, allocation to test groups
  • Administration, termination and monitoring of test intervals
  • Re-testing with shortest possible machine downtimes (also on site)
  • Full service incl. disassembly, technical safety inspection (TÜV), reassembly and commissioning
  • Repairs
  • Consultation regarding use, additional equipment and acceptance requirements
  • Check for compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive
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